About UnderOneWoof

UnderOneWoof is a no-kill animal shelter, established in 2017. We are committed to provide the best living condition and second chance to all animals. We will heal and treat all animal and prioritizing safety and high quality life for all type of living animal.

With your support, we strive to continue to provide the best for the rescued strays who are homeless. We believe in doing good for the furkids, is the way we can inspire others to do more and make a change in the world.

You can help our shelter by buying some goodies from us

Donate to us to sustain the shelter so we can keep on saving many more dogs & cats lives.

5627 6841 7376 (Maybank)

Volunteer at the shelter. There are hundreds of dogs & cats craving for a good bath, attention & play! Do contact their human PA to date them!

 The furkids will always remember your good deed