This is the Fun Loving Warm Home They Always Dreamed About!

We are a non-profit, no kill shelter for all breeds of dogs and cats. Since 2000, we have rescued hundreds of homeless and injured dogs and cats. Instead of putting the poor furkids to sleep, we have provided them the best home we can afford.

With a bigger and better facility now, we can finally provide the right living condition for all the dogs and cats. We have space and confined area to tend to the injured pets which require more attention from us.

Donate to us to sustain the shelter so we can keep on saving many more dogs & cats lives.

5627 6841 7376 (Maybank)

Volunteer at the shelter. There are hundreds of dogs & cats craving for a good bath, attention & play! Do contact their human PA to date them!

 The furkids will always remember your good deed